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Organic remedies world compensation Plan
Our compensation plan ever created and is second to none!

Organic remedies world compensation Plan DETAILS

Organic remedies world is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companY

The compensation plan of ORGANIC REMEDIES WORLD is comprises of a number of earnings from both personal sales and commissions on sales of others referred. Much also depends on the stages.

Compensation details
There are differents type of Bonuses. With a single entry levels.

Organic remedies world compensation Bonuses

Retail Sales Profit

Retails Purchase Bonus

Referrals Bonus

Stair step building Bonus
(Level bonus)

Business volume bonus (binary bonus)

Leadership Bonus (group volume or check matching bonus)

Benefits/Incentives Bonus

Honorary Bonus( salary for life)
Incentives (Cars, Travels and many more)

Reorder BONUS (Retail orders)

One major way of earning bonuses from Organic Remedies world is the profit on retailing (reselling) the products you buy from Organic Remedies world. That Organic Remedies world has amazing products which basically sell themselves and it cannot be overemphasized. It is relatively easier to find customers for your organic remedies world products. You can sell the products at any price you think reasonable. This gives members a major source of income.

Retail Purchase Bonus
Another major way of earning bonuses from Organic Remedies world is that you get a atleast whooping 15% bonus on the amount spent on all subsequent products.

Referral bonus
20% on referrals point made directly.

Stair step building bonus
(Level Bonus)
You earn bonus on any spill over you have.

Leadership Bonus (group volume or check matching bonus)
Depends on your personal sponsor you get paid at any time they get pay.

Business volume bonus (binary bonus)

Two sponsor requirement is needed to qualify for business volume Bonus
binary bonus is based on Sponsor Tree and point.
This Bonus pays you up to the 10 matching a day binary Group Bonus checks earned by your personal sponsorship tree. To qualify for this, you must personally sponsor 1-left + 1-right in binary and your each leg must accumulate 100 group point volume (gpv).

Benefits Bonus
Benefits Bonuses are mainly vehicles and travels in nature. We have trip incentive and car incentive. The level of bonus depends on your member effort of recruitment or team effort.

Honorary Bonus (Long Term Dividends)
There is a significant amount of money set aside by ORGANIC REMEDIES WORLD to compensation team leaders as they reach apeak of the plan. To qualify, you must reach the level of Rose Gold and above.

Honorary Bonus
Aside the normal Bonuses, there are different levels of CEO Bonuses during
Promotional Incentives.
Periodically, Organic Remedies world runs various promotions aimed at rewarding members with cars, travel, electrical gadgets and more. These promotions are valid for specified time frame and require members to achieve certain performance targets.

Always check your back office / for details of these promotions so as to take advantage of them correctly.

Our Strategic Plan
All of our entities connect and support each other thus enhancing a healthy development of the global business of ORGANIC REMEDIES WORLD Industrial group.

Currently, Organic Remedies world is implementing its “first to five year strategic plan” and making a strenuous efforts to achieve its four main objectives of “building a century foundation, shaping a century brand, successfully making millions of elites and serving millions of families wholeheartedly”.

Company Policy

The rules and procedures embodied in this document are being implemented to regulate sales and marketing operations as well as prevent improper, illegal or abusive acts within the company. These policies shall govern the relationship between the Tycoon (Distributor) and ORGANIC REMEDIES WORLD, INC. and such other matters related to these policies. Every Tycoon is expected to be knowledgeable of the following rules and abide by the same to ensure his or her success as well as that of the company.Read more

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